Rabu, 08 Agustus 2012

Happy Brithday MJ: The Moonwalker

This post was inspired from the 'book 'Moonwalk'.

10 % CR (craziness) + 20 % CT (creativity) + 20 % DG (drugs) + 10 % CN (controversies) + 40 % PS (passion) = MJ (Michael Jackson). A minute mismatch in the above equation would have never given this world - The Moonwalker. One can hardly ever find such an equation in an individual; MJ was an exception. If there was someone who lived just for what he was passionate about then, undoubtedly it was MJ. A man, who drank the love of millions, drove crazy almost everybody with his killer moves and lived all his life doing what he was best at.
Happy Brithday MJ: The Moonwalker
Someone aptly said that a troubled childhood would propel one into a disturbed and unpleasant adult life. Mike might have been successful but, at every facet of life he tried dead hard to regain his lost childhood. Success was accompanied by a series of health problems, troubled marital-life and loads of controversies for the “Man in the Mirror”. People questioned the “Black or White” star on the series of surgical experiments to alter his identity; of course, my only question is show me a handful of stars/celebrities who are un-botoxed, un-plastic surgeried and definitely un-toupeed, and then use them to create a giant matching quiz and await the real winner.  

This “Smooth Criminal” bridged the gap between rhythm, blues and Pop Music and transformed it into a global culture. His trials and tribulations for the most part were overlooked; most people came seeking a connection with an icon or simply celebrated, sung and played his music while others barely familiar with his work enjoyed it to the fullest. Millions loved him and a very few hated him but, a majority of them idolized him. MJ might have left anything for neither himself nor his family. But, to the world he left behind his priceless aura and a story to be passed on to the generations to come.

Which Michael Jackson will be remembered - The unsurpassed entertainer, the gifted and driven song-and-dance man who exerted rhythm, melody, texture and image to create and promote the best-selling album of all time “Thriller” Or the bizarre figure he became after he failed in his stated ambition to outsell “Thriller,” and after the gleaming fantasy gave way to tabloid revelations, bitter rejoinders?