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Beep You! You Beep Hole - The Black Book of Indian Cuss & Slurs

Book Review - After a long time, I laughed with my mouth wide open and thanks to this ‘no-nonsense’ but ‘just for fun’ book, interestingly titled ‘Beep You! You Beep Hole’ by Smarak Swain, an ex IIT Kharagpur graduate. Surprisingly, this book touches upon something we’ve known for ages but never bothered to sit down and make sense out of it. And, by the way, this book is an output of lots of research and I give the author the due credit he deserves. You and I have just don’t have the right to discard this innovative piece of experiment.
Beep You! You Beep Hole - The Black Book of Indian Cuss & Slurs
One wrong word at the wrong place, wrong time, to the wrong person, could bring down things tumbling upon us. Such is the power of cusswords and slurs in our lives. And more we know about the evolution of these words, lower are the chances of us getting royally screwed. In essence, this book presents the reader with a new perspective: of understanding human and social behavior through cusswords and swearwords. Mostly featured around all the words that we’re aware of and have used in our lives, this book goes to the extent of explaining each word from its origin.

Most interesting part of this book are its chapters; ranging from ‘Teri Maa Ki’ to ‘Maals and Items’ to racism – Brown Indians and Chinky Indians. The author takes extra effort to differentiate between good and bad language by explaining the importance it has in our lives. There are some sexist words and most of us have no clue about it. These words mean different when used by different sexes - man and woman. And my favourite part of the book is the part that teaches its readers how to control the use of cusswords in public. The little things that we can do to avoid using these words that’ll make us look like total dicks, oh sorry, fools :)

Priced at 100, I believe this book definitely deserves a read not for the fact that it’s funny. Well, yes and no but more importantly you should read this because it gives you a new perspective to look at taboo words. Secondly, this book can be a great topic for discussion or discourse over a cup of cutting chai. If you are addicted to swearing and it affects the way people see you, you need to read this book. Even if you’re not addicted to swearing however I feel you may at some point in your life, so you better read this book. For a change, you may as well read a book that’s different and funnier than other fiction books out there. So, read this book and let me know what you have to say about it. Happy swearing! Maniacal laugh :)

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