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Book Review of Six Suspects

Booksroundup.blogspot.Com - Several authors in the past have shown urban India in different spectrum, most of it being seemingly superficial, but as fascinating as one could ever imagine. From the likes of Shobhaa De and Salman Rushdie, who are popularly famous for transforming simple urban events into fabulous drama, follows Vikas Swarup, the author of “Six Suspects”, a book which sneaks into the tabloid world of Indian elite society.
Book Review of Six Suspects, The son of an affluent politician, Vicky Rai is gunned down amidst large crowd in a party. Thus making everybody in the room a probable suspect, out of which six individuals with a weapon in their possession are made the prime suspects, when caught red handed. The six suspects comprise a corrupt bureaucrat, who calls himself reincarnation of Mahatma Gandhi, a U.S tourist who has come down to get married to a pen friend, a tribesman, on a mission to recover a stolen relic, a Bollywood vamp, who boasts about her not so worth accomplishments, an ambitious young man who involves in small time thievery, and a politician.

Vikas managed to portray something of high importance in today’s news channels and newspapers, crime. He paints the picture of crime infiltrated India, the people involved in it and the aftermath affects. By quoting real examples which took place in India across last few years, the story intertwines several instances which bind the characters together. The book also brings forth the condition of crime inflicted scenario in India, the environment that surrounds it, from which only the common man is affected, while the felon walks free. Six Suspects serves as a drug, as it succeeds in keeping the reader high on anticipation for the most part, and hooked on for the rest of it. Can “Six Suspects” be called a perfect follow up to “Q & A”? Yes most definitely; because just like the last book, this book poignantly narrates yet another culture that is sweeping through independent India. Few foreign writers have already bought the rights to rewrite the story for Hollywood, and it is believed that, if not for sure, Danny Boyle, who made “Slumdog Millionaire” from Vikas’s last book, might be roped in to make this film.

The characters at some point feel recursive and tetchy, nevertheless the plot keeps everything intact

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