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Connect The Dots by Rashmi Bansal

Book review - “Connect the Dots”, is a book that brings forth the true stories of people who made it big, without any degrees. This book is contrary to its prequel, which brought forth the success stories of people with MBA degrees, the ones from IIM’s.
Connect The Dots by Rashmi Bansal

People who read “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” created a mental model that success is only for the MBAs, and not for the normal bunch. This belief created quite a stir, before Rashmi realized and decided to write a book exclusively encompassing the success stories of people without any kind of college education, thus was born “Connect the Dots”.

The book is divided into three parts namely Jugaad, Junoon and Zubaan, wherein Jugaads are the type of people who didn’t get any formal training, but learned by experimenting, observing and applying. It includes someone like Kunwer Sachdev of Su-Kam, who created 500 cr business from scratch; Ganesh Ram- Founder of Veta, India’s largest English training academy, who started in an era when there were no BPO’s in India.  

Junoonis are the type of people who are passionate about something that is ahead of its time, Chetan Maini, founder of Reva, designed a solar car when Global warming was not so well known. Zubaan constitutes creative people who made a difference in their respective chosen arena, like Paresh Mokashi, the creator of Harishchandrachi, India’s official entry to Oscars last year or Krishna Reddy, whose Prince group consisting of daily wage laborers won “India’s Got Talent”.

The author underlines the fact that none of the people mentioned in the book have any kind of degrees, but what differentiated them from the rest of the world was their relentless dedication and endurance, number of hours diligently spent, and their ability to never give up, irrespective of the number of failures.

“Connect the Dots” narrows down to be a contemporary fiction, every story narrated in the book will hold a special place in your hearts; few chapters will definitely sweep you off your feet, especially the first chapter which contains the story of Prem Ganapathy, who came to Mumbai with no money at all and today owns Dosa Plaza, a fast food restaurant with 26 outlets in the country.

You will connect with each and every character in the book, if you don’t, the book will actually create a relationship between you and the characters in the book. One book you ought to read, buy it, lend it or even steal it, I don’t care, but you better read it without fail.

Closing words from the author states: Entrepreneurship is all about following you heart, one who fails to follow his/her heart lives in mediocrity.

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